Lego Friends Olivia’s House Review

This set is one of the most popular sets and it is easy to understand why. For not only do children get a great dollhouse, they also get to build it from the ground up. It is a large set but don’t be intimidated by the number of pieces. Each room comes in an individual bag and instructions guide you along from the ground floor to the roof.

This set comes with three minifigures, Olivia and her parents. This is currently the only set that has a male minifigure and I certainly hope Lego changes this in upcoming sets. The first room to be built is the family room. Each component comes with very clear instructions. The room comes with a flat screen TV and attractive furniture. The swivel chair is a great piece.

The kitchen brought the squeals of delight from my niece as she made the house. A refrigerator, a blender, drawers that open and three sets of tiny utensils. Every corner of the kitchen has its purpose.